21. A Paralel QR-Factorization/Solver of Quasisparable Matrices Download
22. A Subspace Iteration for Symplectic Matrices Download
23. A Technique for Computing Minors of Binary Hadamard Matrices and Application to the Growth Problem Download
24. Algorithms for Solving Nonhomogeneous Generalized Sylvester Matrix Equations Download
25. Analysis of Smoothed Aggregation Multigrid Methods Based on Toeplitz Matrices Download
26. Applications of Matrices Download
27. Circulant Type Matrices with the Sum and Product of Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers Download
28. Computing Approximate(Block) Rational Krylov Subspaces Without Explicit Inversion With Extensions to Symmetric Matrices Download
29. Computing Integer Powers for A Certain Family of Skew Circulant Matrices Download
30. Construction of a Class of Sharp Lowner Majorants for a Set of Symmetric Matrices Download
31. Convergence of Relaxed Matrix Paralel Multisplitting Chaotic Methods for H-Matrices Download
32. Exact Determinants of Some Special Circulant Matrices Involving Four Kinds of Famous Numbers Download
33. Explicit Form of the Inverse Matrices of Tribonacci Circulant Type Matrices Download
34. Fast Givens Transformation For Quaternion Valued Matrices Applied to Hessenberg Reductions Download
35. Fast Solution of a Certain Equation Through Cauchy Like Matrices Download
36. Gaussian Fibonacci Circulant Type Matrices Download
37. Gegenbauer Polinomials and Semiseparable Matrices Download
38. Inverse Problem for Symmetric P-symmetric Matrices with a Submatrix Constraint Download
39. Itertive Algorithm for Solving a Class of Quaternion Matrix Equation over the Generalized (P,Q) Reflexive Matrices Download
40. A Discrete Dynamical Model of Signed Partitions Download