1001. Security-Oriented Cyber-Physical Risk Assessment for Cyberattacks on Distribution System Download
1002. Seamless Industry 4.0 Integration: A Multilayered Cyber-Security Framework for Resilient SCADA Deployments in CPPS Download
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1005. E-Government as an Anti-Corruption Tool in Yemen: Citizens’ Perspective Download
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1007. A Machine-Learning-Based Failure Mode Classification Model for Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Simple Structural Information Download
1008. A Systematic Review of Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in Smart Policing Download
1009. An ecological examination of early adolescent e-cigarette use: A machine learning approach to understanding a health epidemic Download
1010. Clarifying the relationship between mental illness and recidivism using machine learning: A retrospective study Download
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1012. Enhancing machine learning-based sentiment analysis through feature extraction techniques Download
1013. Evaluation of Machine Learning Models for Ozone Concentration Forecasting in the Metropolitan Valley of Mexico Download
1014. Implementing the Dynamic Feedback-Driven Learning Optimization Framework: A Machine Learning Approach to Personalize Educational Pathways Download
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1016. Machine Learning in Gamification and Gamification in Machine Learning: A Systematic Literature Mapping Download
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