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2021 Trends: When Enterprise AI is Headed Next Download
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Sequents and Trees An Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Propositional Sequent Calculi Download
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ObjectOriented dan Penciptaan ALam Semesta serta JIWA Download
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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Download
Higher Education 4.0 The Digital Transformation of Classroom Lectures to Blended Learning Download
Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Download
Teaching Learning and New Technologies in Higher Education Download
Becoming a World-Class University The Case of King Abdulaziz University Download
Teaching for Excellence and Equity Analyzing Teacher Characteristics, Behaviors and Student Outcomes with TIMSS Download
Empowering Teachers to Build a Better World How Six Nations Support Teachers for 21st Century Education Download
Computing Edge Download
Higher Education Landscape 2030 A Trend Analysis Based on the AHEAD International Horizon Scanning Download
e-Science Open, Social and Virtual Technology for Research Collaboration Download
The Leading World’s Most Innovative Universities Download
Technical Universities Past, present and future Download
COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM Special Section on Arab World Region Download
Computer COMPUTING FOR AUTONOMY: Latency, Power, Resilience Download
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Computer SPRING FORWARD Advances in Computing Applications Download
Computing Edge Number 5 May 2021 Download
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Blockchain 5.0 Download
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9 to 5 Do You Know If Your Boss Knows Where You Are Case Studies of Radio Frequency Identification Usage in the Workplace Download
Achieving Higher-Fidelity Conjunction Analyses Using Cryptography to Improve Information Sharing Download
Alienation Effects Performance and Self-Management in Yugoslavia, 1945-91 Download
The Barter Theatre Story Love Made Visible Download
Challenges and Choices for Crime-Fighting Technology Federal Support of State and Local Law Enforcement Download
The Cloud Understanding the Security, Privacy and Trust Challenges Download
Crisis and Escalation in Cyberspace Download
A Cyberworm that Knows No Boundaries Download
The Defender’s Dilemma Charting a Course Toward Cybersecurity Download
eAccess to Justice Download
The Global Technology Revolution 2020, In-Depth Analyses BioNanoMaterialsInformation Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications Download
The Information Revolution in Asia Download
The Information Systems Academic Discipline in Australia Download
Information Systems Foundations Constructing and Criticising Download
Information Systems Foundations The Role of Design Science Download
Information Systems Foundations Theory Building in Information Systems Download
Information Systems Foundations Theory, Representation and Reality Download
Learning Ontology Relations by Combining Corpus-Based Techniques and Reasoning on Data from Semantic Web Sources Download
Logic and Automata History and Perspectives Download
The Message is Murder Substrates of Computational Capital Download
The Multi-Agent Transport Simulation MATSim Download
Professionalism in the Information and Communication Technology Industry Download
Rapid Acquisition and Fielding for Information Assurance and Cyber Security in the Navy Download
Redefining Information Warfare Boundaries for an Army in a Wireless World Download
Tempest Geometries of Play Download
Virtual Collaboration for a Distributed Enterprise Download
Are U.S. Military Interventions Contagious over Time Intervention Timing and Its Implications for Force Planning Download
Cyber Practices What Can the U.S. Air Force Learn from the Commercial Sector Download
Designing a System for Collecting Policy-Relevant Data for the Kurdistan Region—Iraq Download
Development of a Model for the Validation of Work Relative Value Units for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Download
Efficient Aviation Security Strengthening the Analytic Foundation for Making Air Transportation Security Decisions Download
Global Digital Cultures Perspectives from South Asia Download
Improving Interagency Information Sharing Using Technology Demonstrations The Legal Basis for Using New Sensor Technologies for Counterdrug Operations Along the U.S. Border Download
Improving the Cybersecurity of U.S. Air Force Military Systems Throughout Their Life Cycles Download
Internet Daemons Digital Communications Possessed Download
Knowledge-Based Economies and Basing Economies on Knowledge Skills a Missing Link in GCC Countries Download
The Other Quiet Professionals Lessons for Future Cyber Forces from the Evolution of Special Forces Download
Portfolio Optimization by Means of Multiple Tandem Certainty-Uncertainty Searches A Technical Description Download
RAND and the Information Evolution A History in Essays and Vignettes Download
A Review of Research on Problematic Internet Use and Well-Being With Recommendations for the U.S. Air Force Download
Searching for Information Online Using Big Data to Identify the Concerns of Potential Army Recruits Download
Seeing the Past with Computers Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History Download
Strategic Information Warfare A New Face of War Download
Towards a competitive European Internet industry A socio-economic analysis of the European Internet industry and the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Download
Using Social Media to Gauge Iranian Public Opinion and Mood After the 2009 Election Download
Where Truth Lies Digital Culture and Documentary Media after 911 Download
A World of Fiction Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History Download
Brandishing Cyberattack Capabilities Download
Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar Download
Digital Evidence and the U.S. Criminal Justice System Identifying Technology and Other Needs to More Effectively Acquire and Utilize Digital Evidence Download
Electricity Requirements for a Digital Society Download
Evaluation of National Institute of Justice–Funded Geospatial Software Tools Technical and Utility Assessments to Improve Tool Development, Dissemination, and Usage Download
Hackers Wanted An Examination of the Cybersecurity Labor Market Download
High-Priority Information Technology Needs for Law Enforcement Download
How Do We Know What Information Sharing Is Really Worth Exploring Methodologies to Measure the Value of Information Sharing and Fusion Efforts Download
#identity Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation Download
Improving Information-Sharing Across Law Enforcement Why Can’t We Know Download
Keeping Law Enforcement Connected Information Technology Needs from State and Local Agencies Download
Mobile Mapping Space, Cartography and the Digital Download
National Security Implications of Virtual Currency Examining the Potential for Non-state Actor Deployment Download
Off the Network Disrupting the Digital World Download
Police Department Investments in Information Technology Systems Challenges Assessing Their Payoff Download
Russia and the Information Revolution Download
Using Pattern Analysis and Systematic Randomness to Allocate U.S. Border Security Resources Download
Visions of Law Enforcement Technology in the Period 2024-2034 Report of the Law Enforcement Futuring Workshop Download
You’ve Got Dissent! Chinese Dissident Use of the Internet and Beijing’s Counter-Strategies Download
The Digital Public Domain Foundations for an Open Culture Download
Digital Rhetoric Theory, Method, Practice Download
Digital Scholarly Editing Theories and Practices Download
Fostering Innovation in Community and Institutional Corrections Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for the U.S. Corrections Sector Download
Internet Freedom Software and Illicit Activity Supporting Human Rights Without Enabling Criminals Download
The Potential of Blind Collaborative Justice Testing the Impact of Expert Blinding and Consensus Building on the Validity of Forensic Testimony Download
Predictive Policing The Role of Crime Forecasting in Law Enforcement Operations Download
Sites of Translation What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Digital Writing and Rhetoric Download
Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and other Essays Download
Using Future Internet Technologies to Strengthen Criminal Justice Download
Where the Money Goes Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery Download
Bridging the Gap Prototype Tools to Support Local Disaster Preparedness Planning and Collaboration Download
Discourses on Social Software Download
Ebooks in Education Realising the Vision Download
eGirls, eCitizens Putting Technology, Theory and Policy into Dialogue with Girls’ and Young Women’s Voices Download
The Environment in the Age of the Internet Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape Download
The Feasibility of Developing a Repository of Assessments of Hard-to-Measure Competencies Download
Folklore and the Internet Vernacular Expression in a Digital World Download
The Future of Driving in Developing Countries Download
Getting on the Same Page Identifying Goals for Technology Use in Early Childhood Education Download
Human and Machine Consciousness Download
Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process Download
Issues in Open Research Data Download
Mapping Crisis Participation, Datafication and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping Download
Marx and Digital Machines Alienation, Technology, Capitalism Download
Metagaming Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames Download
Mobile Research Methods Opportunities and challenges of mobile research methodologies Download
The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones Pacific Islands Perspectives Download
My Life as a Night Elf Priest An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft Download
The Prospects for Increasing the Reuse of Digital Training Content Download
Social Media in Emergent Brazil How the Internet Affects Social Mobility Download
Social Media in Trinidad Values and Visibility Download
Tantalisingly Close An Archaeology of Communication Desires in Discourses of Mobile Wireless Media Download
U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology Download
A Delicate Balance Portfolio Analysis and Management for Intelligence Information Dissemination Programs Download
The Diffusion and Value of Healthcare Information Technology Download
Driving to Safety How Many Miles of Driving Would It Take to Demonstrate Autonomous Vehicle Reliability Download
Improving Air Force Enterprise Resource Planning-Enabled Business Transformation Download
Social Media in Southeast Italy Crafting Ideals Download
Can Access to Data Prevent Army Suicides Identifying Optimal Response Strategies for Army Leaders Download
Consumer Attitudes Toward Data Breach Notifications and Loss of Personal Information Download
Improving Decision Support for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Aligning Models and Other Tools with Policymakers’ Needs Download
Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data Hackers’ Bazaar Download
The RAND Health Care Payment and Delivery Simulation Model (PADSIM) Concepts, Methods, and Examples Download
Reforming Military Retirement Analysis in Support of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Download
SimCoach Evaluation A Virtual Human Intervention to Encourage Service-Member Help-Seeking for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression Download
Identification and Analysis of Technology Emergence Using Patent Classification Download
Venture Capital and Strategic Investment for Developing Government Mission Capabilities Download
Workplace Wellness Programs Services Offered, Participation, and Incentives Download
Digital Media Practices in Households Kinship through Data Download
Mapping and the Citizen Sensor Download
The Web as History Using Web Archives to Understand the Past and the Present Download
Program Earth Environmental Sensing Technology and the Making of a Computational Planet Download
The Future of Mobility Scenarios for the United States in 2030 Download
The Future of Mobility Scenarios for the United States in 2030, Appendixes C–G Download
The Digital Humanist A Critical Inquiry Download
Disrupting the Digital Humanities Download
Rhetorical Code Studies Discovering Arguments in and around Code Download
User Satisfaction with Personalised Internet Applications Download
Artists and the Arab Uprisings Download
Early Film Theories in Italy 1896-1922 The Little Magic Machine Download
Eric Rohmer’s Film Theory From École Scherer to Politique des Auteurs Download
Film Serials and the American Cinema, 1910-1940 Operational Detection Download
The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960–2000 Download
Mainstream Culture Refocused Television Drama, Society, and the Production of Meaning in Reform-Era China Download
Passionate Amateurs Theatre, Communism, and Love Download
Peculiar Portrayals Mormons on the Page, Stage and Screen Download
Performing Exile Foreign Bodies Download
Restaging the Past Historical Pageants, Culture and Society in Modern Britain Download
Spectacular Disappearances Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801 Download
Stories Screen Narrative in the Digital Era Download
Brecht and the Bible A Study of Religious Nihilism and Human Weakness in Brecht’s Drama of Morality and the City Download
Essays on Brecht Theater and Politics Download
Gaming the Stage Playable Media and the Rise of English Commercial Theater Download
Tellings and Texts Music, Literature and Performance in North India Download
Boundaries of the Text Epic Performances in South and Southeast Asia Download
The Queer Fantasies of the American Family Sitcom Download
Turkish German Muslims and Comedy Entertainment Settling into Mainstream Culture in the 21st Century Download
Performing Hysteria Images and Imaginations of Hysteria Download
Theatre and War Notes from the Field Download
Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production Download
Cinematic Vitalism Download
The Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography The Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000) Download
Frame by Frame A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons Download
From Grain to Pixel The Archival Life of Film in Transition Download
The Greatest Films Never Seen The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen Download
Jean Epstein Critical Essays and New Translations Download
New Mythological Figures in Spanish Cinema Dissident Bodies under Franco Download
The Structures of the Film Experience by Jean-Pierre Meunier Historical Assessments and Phenomenological Expansions Download
Technology and Film Scholarship Experience, Study, Theory Download
Animal Acts Performing Species Today Download
Across Anthropology Troubling Colonial Legacies, Museums, and the Curatorial Download
The Aesthetics of Global Protest Visual Culture and Communication Download
Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism Download
Alexander Kluge Raw Materials for the Imagination Download
Argentine Cinema and National Identity (1966-1976) Download
Arrival Cities Migrating Artists and New Metropolitan Topographies in the 20th Century Download
Art at Auction in 17th Century Amsterdam Download
Art Crossing Borders The Internationalisation of the Art Market in the Age of Nation States, 1750-1914 Download
Art in Progress A Philosophical Response to the End of the Avant-Garde Download
Art in Spain and Portugal from the Romans to the Early Middle Ages Routes and Myths Download
Asian Literary Voices From Marginal to Mainstream Download
At Face Value and Beyond Photographic Constructions of Reality Download
Audiences Download
Barriers to the Broad Dissemination of Creative Works in the Arab World Download
The Beach at Sainte-Adresse from Monet Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago Download
Beyond the Bauhaus Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-33 Download
Bima Swarga in Balinese Wayang Download
Boredom, Shanzhai, and Digitisation in the Time of Creative China Download
Botticelli Past and Present Download
Burning Bright Essays in Honour of David Bindman Download
Canada in the Frame Copyright, Collections and the Image of Canada, 1895-1924 Download
The Chatter of the Visible Montage and Narrative in Weimar Germany Download
Chinese Paintings in Chinese Publications, 1956–1968 An Annotated Bibliography and Index to the Paintings Download
The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities Download
Complementary Modernisms in China and the United States Art as LifeArt as Idea Download
Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Kenya A Cross-Disciplinary Approach Download
Contact Zones Photography, Migration, and Cultural Encounters in the United States Download
Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions Connectivities and World-making Download
Conversations with Christian Metz Selected Interviews on Film Theory (1970-1991) Download
Cultural Crowdfunding Platform Capitalism, Labour and Globalization Download
Cultural Heritage Ethics Between Theory and Practice Download
Decolonizing Science in Latin American Art Download
Designing Worlds National Design Histories in an Age of Globalization Download
Drawing in the Land Rock Art in the Upper Nepean, Sydney Basin, New South Wales Download
Early Film Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China Kaleidoscopic Histories Download
Earthly Paradise from Gauguin Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Works at the Art Institute of Chicago Download
East India Company at Home, 1757-1857 Download
Everything is Relevant Writings on Art and Life, 1991-2018 Download
Exhibiting Atrocity Memorial Museums and the Politics of Past Violence Download
Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art Download
Exploring Folk Art Download
Extraordinary Partnerships How the Arts and Humanities are Transforming America Download
FarockiGodard Film as Theory Download
Feminisms Diversity, Difference and Multiplicity in Contemporary Film Cultures Download
Finding Voice A Visual Arts Approach to Engaging Social Change Download
Framing French Culture Download
From Celluloid to Cyberspace The Media Arts and the Changing Arts World Download
From Dust to Digital Ten Years of the Endangered Archives Programme Download
From Grain to Pixel The Archival Life of Film in Transition 2 Download
Gaze Regimes Film and feminisms in Africa Download
Hesychasm and Art The Appearance of New Iconographic Trends in Byzantine and Slavic Lands in the 14th and 15th Centuries Download
How Local Art Made Australia’s National Capital Download
How to Study Art Worlds On the Societal Functioning of Aesthetic Values Download
Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film Download
Iconographies of Occupation Visual Cultures in Wang Jingwei’s China, 1939–1945 Download
The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages Download
Images of Dutchness Popular Visual Culture, Early Cinema and the Emergence of a National Cliché Download
The Imagined and Real Jerusalem in Art and Architecture Download
Improvising Cinema Download
In Praise of Prambanan Download
Independent Filmmaking across Borders in Contemporary Asia Download
An Index to Reproductions of Paintings by Twentieth-Century Chinese Artists Download
The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity Volume 4 Picture That Making a Show of the Jongleur Download
The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity Volume 5 Tumbling into the Twentieth Century Download
Madame Léon Clapisson from Renoir Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago Download
Making Things and Drawing Boundaries Experiments in the Digital Humanities Download
Manhua Modernity Chinese Culture and the Pictorial Turn Download
Medieval Saints and Modern Screens Divine Visions as Cinematic Experience Download
Medium, Messenger, Transmission Download
The Modernist Bestiary Translating Animals and the Arts through Guillaume Apollinaire, Raoul Dufy and Graham Sutherland Download
Museum Object Lessons for the Digital Age Download
New Publication Cultures in the Humanities Exploring the Paradigm Shift Download
On Boredom Essays in art and writing Download
Pacific Exposures Photography and the Australia–Japan Relationship Download
Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic, 1580-1800 Download
Paris Street; Rainy Day from Caillebotte Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago Download
The Past in the Present A Living Heritage Approach – Meteora, Greece Download
Pedigree and Panache A History of the Art Auction in Australia Download
@ is for Activism Dissent, Resistance and Rebellion in a Digital Culture Download
A Matter of Trust Building Integrity into Data, Statistics and Records to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals Download
A People Passing Rude British Responses to Russian Culture Download
Data Visualization in Society Download
Engines of Order A Mechanology of Algorithmic Techniques Download
Persuasive Gaming in Context Download
Philosopher Kings and Tragic Heroes Essays on Images and Ideas from Western Greece Download
Players Unleashed! Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming Download
The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929–1953 Archetypes, inventions and fabrications Download
Playful Identities The Ludification of Digital Media Cultures Download
Politics and Performance in Western Greece Essays on the Hellenic Heritage of Sicily and Southern Italy Download
Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art Challenges and Perspectives Download
Reconsidering Cultural Heritage in East Asia Download
Remote Capture Digitising Documentary Heritage in Challenging Locations Download
Renaissance Futurities Science, Art, Invention Download
Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911 Download
The Saburo Hasegawa Reader Download
Shapes of Apocalypse Arts and Philosophy in Slavic Thought Download
Sharpening the Haze Visual Essays on Imperial History and Memory Download
Strategic Imaginations Women and the Gender of Sovereignty in European Culture Download
Thomas Annan of Glasgow Pioneer of the Documentary Photograph Download
Transition and Transformation Victor Sjöström in Hollywood 1923-1930 Download
Tweets from the Campaign Trail Researching Candidates’ Use of Twitter During the European Parliamentary Elections Download
Unbecoming Cinema Unsettling Encounters With Ethical Event Films Download
The Uncanny Child in Transnational Cinema Ghosts of Futurity at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century Download
Watch and Learn Rhetorical Devices in Classroom Films after 1940 Download
Why Are Artists Poor The Exceptional Economy of the Arts Download
The Witness as Object Video Testimonies in Holocaust Museums Download
Zhang Peili From Painting to Video Download
The Data Journalism Handbook Towards A Critical Data Practice Download
Foundation of Data Science Download
Computer Age Statistical Inference Download
Practical Statistics for Data Sciencetist Download
Deep Learning for Search Download
Practical Recommender System Download
Deep Learning With Javasript Download
Fashion Recommender System Download
Optimizing Project Management Download
Practice Standard For Project Estimating Download
Project Management Handbook Download
Project Management, The Managerial Process Download
Project Management Download
Recommender System with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Download
Software Estimation with Guessing Download
Software Project Estimation Download
Begining Git and GitHub Download
Systems Analysis and Design, an object oriented approach Download
System Analysis and Design, an object oriented with approach Download
Software Engineering With UML Download
Model Based Engineering of Collaborative Embedded System Download
XcalableMP PGAS Programming Language Download
Data Analytics for Engineering and Construction Project Risk Management Download
The Indie Game Developer Handbook Download
C++ Game Development by Example Download
Developing 2D Games with Unity Download
Building a Game with Unity and Blender Download
Unity in Action Multiplatform game development in C# Download
Pixel Art for Game Developers Download
AI for Game Developers Download
Unity Game Development Cookbook Download
Foundations of Game Engine Development Download
Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners Download
Practical Deep Learning for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge: Real-World AI & Computer-Vision Projects Using Python, Keras & TensorFlow Download
Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering Download
Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice Download
Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture Download
Intro to Python for Computer Science and Data Science: Learning to Program with AI, Big Data and The Cloud, Global Edition Download
Cloud Computing For Dummies, 2nd Edition Download
Industrial Sensors and Controls in Communication Networks From Wired Technologies to Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things Download
Cloud Computing and Big Data: Technologies, Applications and Security Download
Data security in cloud computing Download
storytelling with data a data visualization guide for business professionals Download
Learning the Pandas Library Python Tools for Data Munging, Data Analysis, and Visualization Download
Data Visualization A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION Download
Information Dashboard Design The Effective Visual Communication of Data Download
Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript Download
Practical Python Data Visualization A Fast Track Approach To Learning Data Visualization With Python Download
Fundamentals of Data Visualization A Primer on Making Informative and Compelling Figures Download
Cool Infographics Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design Download
INTERACTION DESIGN beyond human-computer interaction Fifth Edition Download
Human–Computer Interaction Download
Human-Computer Interaction and Cybersecurity Handbook Download
Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction Download
CyBok The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge Download
Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction Download
Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach Download
Numerical Algorithms Methods for Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Graphics Download
Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy In JAVA Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles Download
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python Download
Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ Download
The Joy of PHP Download
JavaScript Cookbook Programming the Web Download
Programming JavaScript Applications Download
Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy Download
Programming PHP Creating Dynamic Web Pages Download
Understanding Machine Learning Download
Python Machine Learning Cookbook Download
The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book Download
Basics of Linear Algebra for Machine Learning Download
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Download
Introduction to Machine Learning with Python Download
Machine Learning For Dummies Download
Foundations of Machine Learning Download
Machine Learning Applications Using Python Download
Building Machine Learning Powered Applications Download
Crypto Dictionary 500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer Download
Burdens of Proof Cryptographic Culture and Evidence Law in the Age of Electronic Documents Download
Security without Obscurity A Guide to Cryptographic Architectures Download
Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications Download
Cryptographic and Information Security Approaches for Images and Videos Download
Discrete Mathematics with Cryptographic Applications Download
Cryptographic Protocol Security Analysis Based on Trusted Freshness Download
BigNum Math Implementing Cryptographic Multiple Precision Arithmetic Download
GIS Fundamentals A First Text on Geographic Information Systems Fifth Edition Download
Geoinformation Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, and Geographic Information Systems Second e dition Download
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management Download
Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python Volume 1 Download
Hands-On Deep Learning for Images with TensorFlow Download
Practical Computer Vision Extract Insightful Information from Images Using TensorFlow, Keras and OpenCV Download
Computer Vision Algorithms and Applications Download
Computer Vision Principles, Algorithms, Applications, Learning Fifth Edition Download
Programming Computer Vision with Python Download
Learning OpenCV 3 Computer Vision in C++ with The OpenCV Library Download
OpenCV: Computer Vision Projects with Python Download
Deep Learning for Computer Vision Image Classification, Object Detection and Face Recognition in Python Download
Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision Second Edition Download
Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision Second Edition Download
Modern PyQt Create GUI Applications for Project Management, Computer Vision, and Data Analysis Download
Practical Machine Learning for Computer Vision End-to-End Machine Learning for Images Download
Deep Learning in Computer Vision Download
Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python Volume 2 Download
OpenCV with Python By Example Download
Raspberry Pi Computer Vision Programming Second Edition Download
Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python Volume 3 Download
Computer Vision Models, Learning, and Inference Download
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists Download
The Art of Statistics Learning from Data Download
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Eighth Edition Download
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists Download
Statistics For Dummies Download
Intermediate Statistics For Dummies Download
Python for Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning Second Edition Download
Statistics II For Dummies Download
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers Download
Statistics The Art and Science of Learning from Data Fourth Edition Download
Python for Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning Download
Probability and Statistics A Course for Physicists and Engineer Download
STATISTICS Eleventh Edition Download
Statistics for Machine Learning Download
1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies Download
Statistics For Big Data For Dummies Download
Practical Time Series Analysis Prediction with Statistics and Machine Learning Download
Probability and Statistics by Example: I Download
Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies, 4th Edition Download
Statistical Models: Theory and Practice Download
THE ART OF R PROGRAMMING A Tour of Statistical Software Design Download
Think Data Structures Algorithms and Information Retrieval in Java Download
Introduction to Information Retrieval Download
Text Data Management and Analysis A Practical Introduction to Information Retrieval and Text Mining Download
Search Engines Information Retrieval in Practice Download
Web Semantics for Textual and Visual Information Retrieval Download
Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval Download
Information Retrieval Architecture and Algorithms Download
Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval Download
Information Retrieval Algorithms and Heuristics Second Edition Download
Modern Information Retrieval Download
Information Retrieval Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines Download
Information Extraction: Algorithms and Prospects in a Retrieval Context Download
Cyber Intelligence and Information Retrieval Download
Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval Second Edition Download
Information Retrieval Evaluation in a Changing World Lessons Learned from 20 Years of CLEF Download
Semantic Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval Download
INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS: Theory and Implementation Download
Web Information Retrieval Download
Quantum-Like Models for Information Retrieval and Decision-Making Download
Artifical Intelligence for Maximizing Content Based Image Retrieval Download
Computational Intelligence for Information Retrieval Download
Biomedical Data Mining for Information Retrieval Download
AI and Machine Learning for Coders Download
Artificial Intelligence By Example Second Edition Download
Artificial Intelligence for Dummies Download
Artificial Intelligence for Humans Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms Download
Artificial Intelligence for Humans Volume 2: Nature-Inspired Algorithms Download
Artificial Intelligence for Humans Volume 3: Deep Learning and Neural Networks Download
Artificial Intelligence in Finance Download
Artificial Intelligence With an Introduction to Machine Learning SECOND EDITION Download
Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems Download
Hands-On Unsupervised Learning Using Python How to Build Applied Machine Learning Solutions from Unlabeled Data Download
Lean AI How Innovative Startups Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow Download
Learn TensorFlow 2.0 Implement Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models with Python Download
Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective Download
Make Art with Artificial Intelligence How to use AI super-tools to make and sell your art with AI, blockchain and NFTs. Download
MATLAB Deep Learning With Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence Download
Natural Language Processing Recipes Unlocking Text Data with Machine Learning and Deep Learning using Python Download
Python: Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Download
Python Machine Learning Second Edition Download
The Essential Turing: Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Life: Plus The Secrets of Enigma Download
Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Download
Android 6 Programming Android Studio Development Guide Download
Android Game Programming by Example Download
Android Programming for Beginners Download
Android Sensor Programming By Example Download
Android System Programming Download
Beginning Android Programming with Android Studio Download
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management Download
Geoinformation Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, and Geographic Information Systems Download
GIS Fundamentals: A First Text on Geographic Information Systems Download
Head First HTML5 Programming building web apps with javascript Download
Models in Spatial Analysis Download
PROFESSIONAL AndroidTM Sensor Programming Download
Programming Android Download
Spatial Interpolation for Climate Data The Use of GIS in Climatology and Meteorology Download
Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Download
Geographic Information Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications Download
Applications of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Risk and Improve Effectiveness Download
Artificial Intelligence and Causal Inference Download
Artificial Intelligence for Cloud and Edge Computing Download
Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Volume 1: 18th International Conference Download
Artificial Intelligence, Business and Civilization Download
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing Download
Fundamental intelligence, Volume I: AI as a Label Download
Data Strategy How to profit from a world of big data, analytics and artificial intelligence Download
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals and Applications Download
Low-Power Computer Vision Improve the Efficiency of Artificial Intelligence Download
Convergence Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing Download
Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Download
Advances in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Download
Multidisciplinary Computational Anatomy Toward Integration of Artifcial Intelligence with MCA-based Medicine Download
Smart Systems for Industrial Applications Download
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Optimization Tools for Smart Cities Download
Practical Explainable AI Using Python Download
The AI-Powered Workplace Download
Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Organizational Transformation Download
Artificial Intelligence-based Internet of Things Systems Download
Abstract State Machines A Method for High-Level System Design and Analysis Download
 The Essential Turing: Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Life: Plus The Secrets of Enigma Download
Nanotechnology for dummies Download
Algebra II for dummies Download
Mastering Digital SLR Photography-Course Technology PTR Download
Draw Your Own Celtic Designs-David & Charles Download
How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains-Watson Download
How to Draw Cartoons-Accent Press, Ltd. Download
Teaching Young Children to Draw  Imaginative Approaches to Representational Drawing Download
How to Draw Anime & Game Characters_ Basics for Beginners and Beyond. Vol. 1 Download
How to Draw Krappy Kartoons Really Well Download
The natural way to draw_ a working plan for art study Download
How to Draw Anime for Beginner Download
Autism, Art, and Children_ The Stories We Draw Download
How To Draw Graffiti-Style Download
Pencil, Paper, Draw Download
 How to Draw & Paint_Art Instruction Program Download
 Learn How to Draw Human Figures Download
 (How to Draw & Paint) Caroline Linscott – Watercolor Download
Doodling in French_ How to Draw with Joie de Vivr Download
Drawing Faces Learn to draw step by step-Walter Download
Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security Methods and Applications Download
Countering Cyberterrorism The Confuence of Artifcial Intelligence, Cyber Forensics and Digital Policing in US and UK National Cybersecurity Download
Global Initiatives to Secure Cyberspace An Emerging Landscape Download
Cybersecurity for Artificial Intelligence Download
Emerging Information Security and Applications Third International Conference, EISA 2022 Wuhan, China, October 29–30, 2022 Proceedings Download
Outsourcing Information Security Download
Advances in Enterprise Information Technology Security Download
A Business Guide to Information Security How to protect your company’s IT assets, reduce risks and understand the law Download
Database Security Problems and Solutions Download
CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide Download
Web and Information Security Download
Information Security Policies and Actions in Modern Integrated Systems Download
Zen and the Art of Information Security Download
Cybersecurity Awareness Download
Information Security and Ethics: Social and Organizational Issues Download
Information Security Risk Analysis Download
Cybersecurity All-In-One for Dummies Download
Android Apprentice Second Edition Download
Build an API with Laravel Download
Data Structures & Algorithms in Kotlin Download
Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel Download
Domain-Driven Laravel Learn to Implement Domain-Driven Design Using Laravel Download
Kotlin Apprentice Download
Kotlin in Action Download
Laravel: Code Smart The Laravel Framework Version 5 for Beginners Download
Laravel (8x) PHP Ideal programming book for anyone who wants to learn more about the implementation, practical use of laravel 8.x Download
Laravel Application Development Blueprints Download
Laravel Application Development Cookbook Download
Laravel Secrets Download
Laravel Testing 101 Learn how to add tests to your Laravel CRUD application Download
Laravel: The Modular Way Download
Laravel Up & Running Download
Learning Laravel’s Eloquent Download
Mastering Laravel Download
Practical Laravel Develop clean MVC web applications Download
Learn PHP in One Day and Learn It Well Download
Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript Download
Designing Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the ARM Mbed Download
Getting Started with the Internet of Things Download
INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) Technologies, Applications, Challenges, and Solutions Download
Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Mobile Technologies Download
Internet of Things Architectures, Protocols and Standards Download
Internet of Things for Architects Download
Internet of Things with Python Download
New Paradigm of Industry 4.0 Internet of Things, Big Data & Cyber Physical Systems Download
Security and Privacy in Internet of Things (IoTs) Download
Arduino III Internet of Things Download
Smart Agriculture Emerging Pedagogies of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Internet of Things Download
The Internet of Things Enabling Technologies, Platforms, and Use Cases Download
Value Creation and the Internet of Things Download
Android Smartphone Photography For Dummies Download
The art of managing light in photography Download
How to Paint With Light Learning Digital Photography Download
How To Improve Your Photography Skills Download
Digital Photography: Learn about Shutter Speed, ISO And Aperture Download
Adobe Photoshop Guide for Novice Download
Travel Photography Download
Black and White by The Sea a Photography Collection Download
Photography Judging for Photographers Photojudges Picture Editors Download
Photography A Critical Introduction Download
Digital Photography Complete Course Download
The Photo Student Handbook Download
Improve Your Photography Street & Documentary Download
Bryan Peterson Photography School Download
Active Landscape Photography Download
The Travel Photography Book Download
Image and Video Color Editing Download
Tutorial Statistik: SPSS, LISREL, WARPPLS & JASP (Mudah & Aplikatif) Download
Olah Data Statistik: SMARTPLS 3, SMARTPLS 4, AMOS & STATA (Mudah & Praktis) Edisi III Download
Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk in a Financial Statement Audit Download
Audit Analytics in the Financial Industry Download
Auditing for Dummies Download
Auditing Fundamentals Download
Practical Financial Modelling The Development and Audit of Cash Flow Models Download
The Politics of Financial Risk, Audit and Regulation A Case Study of Hbos Download
The Sociology of Financial Reporting and Auditing Download
Absolute Essentials of Digital Marketing-Routledge (2020) Download
B2B Digital Marketing Strategy How to Use New Frameworks and Models to Achieve Growth Download
Practical Financial Modelling The Development and Audit of Cash Flow Models Download
The Politics of Financial Risk, Audit and Regulation_ A Case Study of Hbos Download
The Sociology of Financial Reporting and Auditing Download
Big Data Analytics Digital Marketing and Decision-Making Download
Big Data A Road Map for Successful Digital Marketing Download
Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing Download
Digital And Social Media Marketing Emerging Applications And Theoretical Development Download
Digital Marketing All-In-One For Dummies Download
Digital Marketing Excellence Download
Digital Marketing Outreach The Future of Marketing Practices Download
Digital Marketing Strategy Create Strategy, Put It Into Practice, Sell More Download
Digital Marketing using Google Services Make your website visible on Google Search Download
Digital marketing a practical approach Download
Digital Marketing Strategic Planning & Integration (2019) Download
Digital Marketing Download
Dynamic Digital Marketing Master the World of Online and Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business Download
Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Download
Leveraging Consumer Behavior and Psychology in the Digital Economy Download
Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age Applying Kotler’s Strategies to Digital Marketing Download
Principles of Marketing for a Digital Age Download
The Art of Digital Marketing for Fashion and Luxury Brands Marketspaces and Marketplaces Download
The Digital Marketing Handbook Deliver Powerful Digital Campaigns Download
The digital marketing playbook Download
Understanding Digital Marketing A Complete Guide to Engaging Customers and Implementing Successful Digital Campaigns Download
Advanced Macroeconomics An Easy Guide Download
Construction Microeconomics Download
Essentials of Microeconomics Download
Macro-Economic Theory A Mathematical Treatment Download
Macroeconomic Modelling of R&d and Innovation Policy Download
Macroeconomics for Professionals A Guide for Analysts and Those Who Need to Understand Them Download
Macroeconomics, Global Edition Download
Microeconomics Static and Dynamic Analysis Download
Microsimulation Modelling of the Corporate Firm Exploring Micro-Macro Economic Relations Download
On Unemployment A Micro-Theory of Economic Justice Volume I Download
Principles of Macroeconomics Download
State-Owned Enterprises in a Mixed Economy_ Micro Versus Macro Economic Objectives Download
The Global Macro Economy and Finance Download
The Micro-Economic Theory and an Application Download
The wider economic benefits of transport _ macro-, meso- and micro-economic transport planning and investment tools _ round table 140 Download
Unemployment Macro and Micro-Economic Explanations Download
Circular Business Management in Sustainability Proceedings of the 2nd International Con Download
Competing for the future Download
Competitive Strategy Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors (1998) Download
Customer Success Management Helping Business Customers Achieve Their Goals Download
Designing Effective Organizations Download
Dynamic Modeling for Business Management_ An Introduction Download
Emerging Business Trends and Management Practices_ Lessons from the Pandemic Download
Environmental Management and Business Strategy Download
Essentials of Operations Management Download
Family Business Management Download
Managing Business and Service Networks (2001) Download
Managing Human Resources Download
Multidimensional and Strategic Outlook in Digital Business Transformation Human Resource and Management Recommendations for Performance Improv Download
Operational Risk Management A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech Download
Modern Generative AI with ChatGPT and OpenAI Models Download
Discovering Cybersecurity A Technical Introduction for the Absolute Beginner Download
The Book of Chatbots From ELIZA to ChatGPT Download
ChatGPT For Dummies Download
Python 3 Data Visualization Using ChatGPT/GPT-4 Download
Building Cybersecurity Applications with Blockchain and Smart Contracts Download
Ethical Hacking with Python Developing Cybersecurity Tools Download
AI-Driven Project Management Download
Introduction to Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things Download
Stepping Through Cybersecurity Risk Management A Systems Thinking Approach Download
The Art of Asking ChatGPT for High-Quality Answers A Complete Guide to Prompt Engineering Techniques Download
Social Engineering in Cybersecurity Download
Unleashing The Power of ChatGPT A Real World Business Applications Download
Understanding Cybersecurity on Smartphones Challenges, Strategies, and Trends Download
Data-Driven Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Download
Philosophy Of Cybersecurity Download