521. Artificial Intelligence and Biorobotics: is an Artificial Human Being our Destiny? Download
522. Research and Application of Combined Algorithm Based on Sustainable Computing and Artificial Intelligence Download
523. Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications 2014 Download
524. Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems: Risks, Challenges, Competencies, and Strategies Download
525. Development and validation of artificial intelligence to detect and diagnose liver lesions from ultrasound images Download
526. Control Based on Linear Algebra for Trajectory Tracking and Positioning of Second-Order Chained Form System Download
527. MathML and Java Implementation in Linear Algebra Download
528. Flipped Class with Electronic Book and SageMathCell for Linear Algebra Download
529. Artificial Intelligence for Estimating Laser Power from Temperature Distribution Download
530. A Long/Short-Term Memory Based Automated Testing Model to Quantitatively Evaluate Game Design Download
531. Evaluating Affective User-Centered Design of Video Games Using Qualitative Methods Download
532. Methodology for designing virtual reality applications Download
533. Energizer! A server based multiplayer resource management game for both PC as well as mobile device based clients Download
534. Simplifying the Creation of Adventure Serious Games with Educational-Oriented Features Download
535. Conceptual View on Exploring Learning via Game Design Download
536. RAGE Architecture for Reusable Serious Gaming Technology Components Download
537. Development of a SoLoMo Game-Based Application for Supporting Local Cultural Learning in Taiwan Download
538. Mobile App Development to Increase Student Engagement and Problem Solving Skills Download
539. Applying Modelica Tools to System Dynamics Based Learning Games: Project Management Game Download
540. Comparison of Learning Software Architecture by Developing Social Applications versus Games on the Android Platform Download