41. About a Class of Positive Hybrid Dinamic Linear Systems and an Associate Extended Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov Lemma Download
42. Adaptive Control of Time-Invariant Systems with Discreate Delays Subject to Multiestimation Download
43. Application of Discreate Mathematics in Urban Transportation System Analysis Download
44. Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society Download
45. Control of Discrete Event Systems by Means of Discrete Optimization and Disjunctive Colored PNs: Application to Manufacturing Facilities Download
46. Degree Equivalence Graph of a Graph Download
47. Disease Spread in Coupled Populations: Minimizing Response Strategies Costs in Discrete Time Models Download
48. Diversions Download
49. Edge Irregular Reflexive Labeling for Star, Double Star and Caterpillar Graphs Download
50. Extremum Modified First Zagreb Connection Index of n-Vertex Trees with Fixed Number of Pendent Vertices Download
51. Improved Continuous Models of Discrete Media Download
52. Jselfadjoint extensions Download
53. On the Support of the Free Lie Algebra: the Schutzenberger Problems Download
54. Parameter Identification for Gompertz and Logistic Dynamic Equations Download
55. Simulation Analysis of Fertilized Discharge Process using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) Download
56. The Bondage Number of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(n,2) Download
57. Total Colorings of Core-Satellite,Cocktail Party and Modular Product Graphs Download
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