941. AI Fairness in Data Management and Analytics: A Review on Challenges, Methodologies and Applications Download
942. Analyzing the Alignment between AI Curriculum and AI Textbooks through Text Mining Download
943. Broad functional profiling of fission yeast proteins using phenomics and machine learning Download
944. X-ray Diffraction Data Analysis by Machine Learning Methods—A Review Download
945. Application of Machine Vision Technology in Citrus Production Download
946. Computer Vision Based Planogram Compliance Evaluation Download
947. UAV Path Planning Based on an Improved Chimp Optimization Algorithm Download
948. A novel chaotic transient search optimization algorithm for global optimization, real-world engineering problems and feature selection Download
949. Dynamic Weight and Mapping Mutation Operation-Based Salp Swarm Algorithm for Global Optimization Download
950. Borehole TV Imaging Technology for Horizontal Directional Drilling Based on an Optimization Algorithm for Structural Planes Download
951. CERRT: A Mobile Robot Path Planning Algorithm Based on RRT in Complex Environments Download
952. Path Planning of Rail-Mounted Logistics Robots Based on the Improved Dijkstra Algorithm Download
953. An End-to-End Robotic Visual Localization Algorithm Based on Deep Learning Download
954. Benchmarking a fast, satisficing vehicle routing algorithm for public health emergency planning and response: “Good Enough for Jazz” Download
955. An Automated Guided Vehicle Path Planning Algorithm Based on Improved A* and Dynamic Window Approach Fusion Download
956. Multi-Objective Routing Optimization in Electric and Flying Vehicles: A Genetic Algorithm Perspective Download
957. A cluster-tree-based trusted routing algorithm using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA) in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Download
958. Construction and Application of Agricultural Talent Training Model Based on AHP-KNN Algorithm Download
959. 3D Reconstruction of Optical Building Images Based on Improved 3D-R2N2 Algorithm Download
960. A new metaphor-less simple algorithm based on Rao algorithms: a Fully Informed Search Algorithm (FISA) Download