1041. RoseCliff Algorithm: Making Passwords Dynamic Download
1042. Transmission Tower Re-Identification Algorithm Based on Machine Vision Download
1043. Constructing a Mathematical Model of Product Color Design Based on Data Mining: Case Study of a Thermos Cup Download
1044. Enhanced Student Admission Procedures at Universities Using Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques Download
1045. Estimation of Evapotranspiration from the People’s Victory Irrigation District Based on the Data Mining Sharpener Model Download
1046. Methods and Applications of Data Mining in Business Domains Download
1047. New Horizons in Web Search, Web Data Mining, and Web-Based Applications Download
1048. Retracted: Construction of Tourism Management Engineering Based on Data Mining Technology Download
1049. Retracted: Design and Implementation of Sports Industry Information Service Management System Based on Data Mining Download
1050. Retracted: Evaluation Model of Enterprise Lean Management Effect Based on Data Mining Download
1051. Retracted: Evaluation of the Effect of Aesthetic Education Practice in Children’s Picture Books Based on Data Mining Technology Download
1052. Retracted: Function Extraction Based on CFPS and Digital Financial Index: Data Mining Techniques for Prognosis of Operational Risks of Financial Institutions Download
1053. Retracted:Motivation Analysis of Technological Startups Business Models Based on Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis Download
1054. Retracted: Multisensor Cross-Media Data Mining Method Assisted by Expert System Download
1055. Retracted: Sustainable Development Garden Landscape Design Based on Data Mining and Virtual Reality Download
1056. Retracted: Time Series Symbolization Method for the Data Mining K-Means Algorithm Download
1057. Retraction: Influence of data mining technology in information analysis of human resource management on macroscopic economic management Download
1058. New Progress in Intelligent Picking: Online Detection of Apple Maturity and Fruit Diameter Based on Machine Vision Download
1059. Approach of Dynamic Tracking and Counting for Obscured Citrus in Smart Orchard Based on Machine Vision Download
1060. Detection of Safety Signs Using Computer Vision Based on Deep Learning Download