1081. What You Need to Know about Gamification Process of Cybersecurity Hands-on Lab Exercises: Lessons and Challenges Download
1082. Optimal Deception Asset Deployment in Cybersecurity: A Nash Q-Learning Approach in Multi-Agent Stochastic Games Download
1083. Special Issue on Information Security and Cryptography: The Role of Advanced Digital Technology Download
1084. Optimizing Cybersecurity Attack Detection in Computer Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms Using the CSE-CIC-IDS 2018 Dataset Download
1085. Study the Level of Network Security and Penetration Tests on Power Electronic Device Download
1086. Time Aware F-Score for Cybersecurity Early Detection Evaluation Download
1087. Cybersecurity Project Specs for Building Automation Systems Download
1088. GENICS: A Framework for Generating Attack Scenarios for Cybersecurity Exercises on Industrial Control Systems Download
1089. Cybersecurity Threats Prompt Proactive Approach Download
1090. ICVTest: A Practical Black-Box Penetration Testing Framework for Evaluating Cybersecurity of Intelligent Connected Vehicles Download
1091. Cybersecurity regulations and standards updates Download
1092. Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms to Improve Cybersecurity in the Industrial Electrical Sector Download
1093. Developing a Cybersecurity Training Environment through the Integration of OpenAI and AWS Download
1094. Cybersecurity on a budget: Evaluating security and performance of open-source SIEM solutions for SMEs Download
1095. Advances in Cybersecurity: Challenges and Solutions Download
1096. Retracted: SAP: An IoT Application Module Placement Strategy Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm in Edge-Cloud Computing Download
1097. Cloud Computing Based Systems for Healthcare Download
1098. Security Analysis in Cloud Computing Environment Download
1099. Retracted: A Cloud Computing-Based Intelligent Forecasting Method for Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Costs Download
1100. Comparison of Cloud-Computing Providers for Deployment of Object-Detection Deep Learning Models Download