1101. The Perceived Business of Cloud Computing: An Explanatory Study Download
1102. Optimization and Scalability of Educational Platforms: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Download
1103. Enabling Access Control for Encrypted Multi-Dimensional Data in Cloud Computing through Range Search Download
1104. Block Chain Technology Assisted Privacy Preserving Resource Allocation Scheme for Internet of Things Based Cloud Computing Download
1105. Retracted: Design of Virtual Machine Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment Download
1106. Retracted: Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Micro-Video Teaching System Based on Cloud Computing in College English Teaching Download
1107. Securing cloud data using secret key 4 optimization algorithm (SK4OA) with a non- linearity run time trend Download
1108. Hybrid Architectures Used in the Protection of Large Healthcare Records Based on Cloud and Blockchain Integration: A Review Download
1109. Agnostic Energy Consumption Models for Heterogeneous GPUs in Cloud Computing Download
1110. An Enhanced Trust Scheduling Algorithm for Medical Applications in a Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Environment Download
1111. SRplot: A free online platform for data visualization and graphing Download
1112. California Dreamin’ Housing Market Visualizations in Tableu Download
1113. Decision Support System Driven by Thermo-Complexity: Scenario Analysis and Data Visualization Download
1114. Color Quest: An interactive tool for exploring color palettes and enhancing accessibility in data visualization Download
1115. Modernization Data Analysis and Visualization for Food Safety Research Outcomes Download
1116. Retracted: Analysis of Comprehensive Artificial Neural Network Computer Media Aided Construction of Economic Forecasting Model Download
1117. A Deep Learning-Based Framework for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Internet of Health Things (IoHT) Environments Download
1118. Handbook of Research on Deep Learning Techniques for Cloud- Based Industrial IoT Download
1119. Download
1120. Download